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Sound Songwriting is a dedicated music blog run by professional songwriters and live performers with a real passion for helping budding musicians, solo artists and bands learn more about the art of songwriting and live performance.

We have lots of in-depth articles on many different subjects such as, getting over writers block, songwriting tips, playing your first gig, designing a practice routine that will really help you to improve, tips on how to network, guides on how to build a solid fan base, and more… We want to help you develop your songwriting and live performance skills to enable you to take your music career to the next level.

Feel free to have a read through our blog, where you will find lots more music-related topics, tips and tricks, guides and personal experiences.

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The Songwriters Inner Circle is a private Facebook Group where you can join like minded musicians and songwriters to discuss all things related to music, lyric & song writing, collaborate, share songs, and ideas as well as meeting some new musical friends along the way.


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