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Supporting Sir Tom Jones.

Sound Songwriting is a dedicated music blog run by professional songwriters and live performers with a real passion for helping budding musicians, solo artists and bands learn more about the art of songwriting and live performance. 

We have lots of in-depth articles on many different subjects such as, getting over writers block, songwriting tips, playing your first gig, designing a practice routine that will really help you to improve, tips on how to network, guides on how to build a solid fan base, and more… We want to help you develop your songwriting and live performance skills to enable you to take your music career to the next level.

Our goal is to tranfer the skills and lessons we have learnt and accumulated throughout our of years working in the music industry, saving you time and enabling you to excel fast, whether that be writing your own songs and lyrics or learning how to play to an audience and performing at you’re best. We want to make sure you feel ready and prepared to take your songs and music to the next level.

Our Experience

  Touring the UK, Major Festivals and the USA.

 Studio and live Session players on some well known music and sample librarys. 

  Writing and Composing for TV and Film.

 Ghost production and composition.

  Working closely with iconic composer and music producer Andy Gray – who wrote scores for major films such as the Bourne Identity,Swordfish,Time Cop,The Big Brother theme tune as well as household names like Paul Oakenfold,Gary Numann and many more…

  Sharing the stage with Sir Tom Jones

  Being involved with the iconic Isle of Wight and Glastonbury festivals.

  Working and writing with London based producer Benni D – Plan B, Paloma Faith, Amy Winehouse, Stormzy,Robbie Williams, Adele and more…

Be sure to check out our blog, where you will find lots of songwriting and live performance related topics, tips and tricks, guides and personal experiences that we are constantly updating.

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